Monday, October 4, 2010


A key word to life, especially the life of a college student. My life.  One thing that I have to do is stay focused, even when I am ready to just quit doing what has to be done, writing a uninteresting paper, or reading something that I completely disagree with. I have to keep myself focused on the matter, which is much harder than it seems. It is really easy to get distracted within a second. Right now maybe I should be working on one of the four essays I have to get finished here soon, but I could not stay focused on any of them or n reading, so decided maybe if I took a break my focus would be reset and I would be able to get it all done quicker. Maybe this will work. Focus is very difficult, but just as important to getting anything completely in life. I am hoping this break of mine works, but for now I better get back to doing my school work!


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